How a Fallen Ceiling Got My Wife a New Kitchen

Local contractors - Ask And Expert - Repair DIY Help Center - (Denial is definitely more than just a river in Egypt. At least that's how I remembered the spot I'd been quietly ignoring for. During the long ride home, that shame turned to anger. The Builder's house needs remodeled. " I hung up and saw the spot again in my minds eye. How she's put up with me this long, I'll never know--especially after what happened about five years ago. It was a 'small' leak. After working in houses for most of my adult life, I was pretty cocky about my ability to fix just about anything above or below the roof line. My wife is a saint. Residential & commercial services - home roofing, discount metal roofing, flat roof coating, certified roofing. Not frantic, not angry, not anything--just matter of fact with a hint of 'aw-shucks' thrown in. "I'll be home in a minute. "Well, it's um. I challenge all of you to get up from the computer and go check off a few things on your 'honey-do' list. They deserve a beautiful home, too. (Yes, those are all on my list as well. I was embarrassed. "All right," I said. [how long had it been there?] "there's drywall and insulation everywhere, and the dogs are barking at the pile. I can hear the dogs in the background. Seeing our number on the caller ID, I answered the phone with an impatient "Hey," assuming she wanted to know my thoughts on dinner. It was everything I was used to making fun of in "other" peoples' houses. "The ceiling is now on the floor. The Cobbler's family have no shoes, The Plumber's house has leaky pipes, The Painter's house is pealing, and. In the end, my family got nothing. I wanted the BEST for my family. Ten minutes later she calls again, laughing. I'd amassed a very respectable portfolio and was fast becoming known in the communities I worked in for doing very high quality work. I had prided myself on being one of the best builders and craftsman in the country, but my own house was a shambles. Or at least they did up until that very rainy day in June. " She was giggling uncontrollably now. My wife got the kitchen she'd deserved for far too long, and I learned an important lesson. After so many years, it had turned into a running joke--the kind you laugh at a little nervously when you're around friends and family. " As I hung up and jumped in the truck, my heart sank. " she said, still laughing. "No, it's all over everything. "Chris, the ceiling is coming down. Maybe it's the door knob that's been lose for months now, or the tub that needs re-caulking. Every day we transform the lives of the families we work for by building for them what our own families want and deserve, too--a beautiful place to live. [Could it really be getting that bad?] Shrugging it off, I went back to work. and finally determination. Ashamed. Over the course of the next 2 months I tore out the fireplace, gutted the kitchen, and repainted the entire house. "I'll look at it when I get home. " Her tone more than anything was what caught me off guard. " "What?", I said. As builders and contractors we often put off work and maintenance on our own houses. So out of habit I switched into my 'confident, consoling builder' mode. There were materials to buy, a design to refine, and money to earn so I could afford to do it 'right'. So whenever the thought of doing a major project at home came up there was always some reason I needed to wait. ) Most of the calls I get from homeowners in distress are usually, in the end, about simple things. ) Our families deserve to benefit from the knowledge and skill We've worked so hard for. Her place in eternity is secure. " "What!?!?" This can't be happening. [it's coming down? No way it's that bad], I thought to myself. Perhaps it's those few pieces of trim and punch-out left on the last project you started but never finished. While I was off gallivanting around town, building bright new spaces for other people, my family had continued to live in the so-so house we'd bought shortly after we were married. The drywall is bowing down around the fireplace and there's water coming in. What kind of Jedi mind-trick is this? Where's the judgmental tone? Where's the 'I told you so' I've had coming for God knows how long? "you're kidding me, right?" I said. You see, I was a perfectionist. I had been working all morning putting the finishing touches on another beautiful project for a client, when I got a call from my wife ..More

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You Track Your Marketing - But Is It Right?

Directory Listing Of technicians - Residential Service Blogs - Typically, the lead sources that deliver the most leads are going to get you the most calls. Residential & commercial services - galvanized metal roofing, low slope roofing, roof architecture, interlock roofing. Even if it's slightly inaccurate, at least it will be consistently inaccurate across the board ..More

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Chapter 2 - Part A

List Of certified contractors - Service, Upgrade Forums - I'm still not done though. With my new system came sophistication, I was in the computer age now. My marketing people told me to code the advertisements, track the calls, file the calls, organize the customer, track efficiency, and create 10 miles of charts and graphs. Oh yeah, it was the big time for me. Get free estimates - pvc roofing, built up roof, galvanized roofing, epdm rubber roofing ..More

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Why Localized Search Marketing Is A Rip-Off

Find best 10 certified contractors - Service Consultant Blog Pages - Plus, if you get leads from it - how can that bad? As long as the investment (time, energy, money) is worthwhile compared to the returns you get. Free contractor estimates - flat roof options, roof repair and replacement, roof leak repair contractors, downspout repair ..More

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21 Best certified contractors - Service, Upgrade Blogs - for the entire length of the footing. Now if you take this amount into consideration, it usually exceeds the savings by using someone else. There is a way to overcome this, if I Don't build and pour the footing and I show up to start the wall and find the footing out by more than ~1/4" or the steps footings were built to the wrong dimensions I charge $ XX. I have seen people balk at my footing price because his slab guy or carpenter (who's usually are not bad) give a bid for up to 1/2 of what I charge. I will be the first to admit, I am the most expensive footing quote you will get, because I am building the ICF wall on top of it and I know how much time I spend building the footing right. Get free quotes - roof architecture, interlock roofing, flat roof systems, flat metal roof. XX per foot ..More

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