Rotten Onions Reminded Me of Business

Best Local residential contractors - Service Technician Forums - The problem with my onions is they were stored in the plastic shopping bag they were placed in at the store to bring them home in. The bag was partially open allowing two of the onions to breathe while the other three were suffocating. Residential & commercial services - flat roof coating, certified roofing, roof tile cleaning, discount roofing ..More

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Make money on every job, Don't chase the future...

Search and locate master contractors - Explore Repair Forum Pages - Residential & commercial services - commercial flat roof repair, tin roof repair, tile roof repairs, garage roof repair. . The point is, if I were going cheap on those repairs in hopes I would get the full roof replacement job I would have lost on the investment of time and energy when the big job went to someone else. Make sure each and EVERY job you do is profitable ..More

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How Do You Handle Rejection?

Popular commercial contractors - Talk To Technicians - Blog - If you lose a project but the prospect later decides you were the best choice, how likely are they to call you back if you handled their initial rejection poorly? At the end of the process, you may look back and decide it was for the best that you didn?t get the job. it's still unprofessional to take that parting shot, and you'll probably lose future work because of it. Professional salespeople are hard wired to see beyond the word ?NO?. But most craftsmen who start their own company Don't have much of a background in sales, and we learn those skills as we grow. But it's easier on our egos to find something to blame outside of ourselves, isn't it. I wish you the very best and hope it turns out beautiful. Get free quotes - roof work, expert roofing, home roof repairs, flat roof construction. " it's not an act either. it'sucks to lose a project you've worked hard to put together. I've either done a good job of demonstrating my value, or I haven't. In a lot of smaller construction companies, the lead guy in the field is the same one doing the selling. A purely business choice is viewed as a personal affront and they can't help themselves from taking a parting shot:The angry hang up "Really!?! Well you'll be sorry. it's incredibly frustrating when we see ourselves as the obvious best choice, and discouraging to feel we are being judged as less. I've seen some guys lose a bid and act like the prospect just took a leak on their boot and gave them the finger. Some will see it, and some won't--and some have needs I can't satisfy with my business model. A prospect will make the best choice they can with the information they are provided. For whatever reason, usually price, the homeowner chose someone else. it's not hard to see how such judgments can be taken personally when the company, the choice, is YOU. My response is the same in every case: "Thank you for the opportunity to bid your project. This topic came up in another thread, and I thought it very relevant given how competitive it is in today's market. But in a number of cases the owner came back and hired me later, after some issue with the other guy caused them to reconsider their choice. We've all had the experience of putting our heart and soul into a proposal we areALLY hoped to sign, only to have the prospect choose someone else. But taking it personal is unproductive at best, and damaging to your reputation as a professional at worst. It prevents you from looking at your sales process and figuring out what you could have done differently. Even if They are unable to overcome the objections to close the sale?they can usually look past it and see there's a chance that today's 'NO' might be tomorrow's 'YES'. " "Are you kidding me? Did you know that guy is a crook?" "Well thanks for wasting my time!" I've seen it a number of times, from both competitors and subs, and it's a big mistake. I've signed a lot of projects over the years that I lost on the first go around ..More

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The Mysterious Disappearing Cypress

Directory Of emergency contractors - Consumer Forums - Get free quotes - commercial roof replacement, metal roofing, roof shingles, tin roof. All workmanship appeared top quality ? the contractor who installed this had integrity, definitely not a fly-by-nighter. The sump system consisted of an infiltration drain cut into the slab around the perimeter of the basement a couple inches inside the walls. In one corner a sump pump was cut in that received drainage from the perimeter drain and from another drain, a four-inch pipe extending directly toward the sink hole, a few feet away on the other side of the wall ..More

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Success = ? (Part 1)

Listings Of residential contractors - Service Consultant Forum Pages - But one doesn?t create an empire on luck alone. Had Quast hired you to build his straw bale home, would you have been charismatic enough to garner an invitation to host a new TV show? If yes, would you have had the acumen to spin that into something bigger? Could you have parlayed a stroke of fate into a worldwide brand? . Get free estimates - home roof types, rubber flat roof, aluminium roof, roof repair ..More

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